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How to use filmingo

filmingo works on most modern browsers. Simply open filmingo and play the movie of your choice.

Tip: Play the test clip below before you rent a movie.

The Filmingo app lets you browse the collection and watch movies on your iPhone or iPad.

Tip: The app can also be used to stream movies wirelessly to Apple TV devices.

You can use Filmingo with the browser of your Android device.

Tip: For quick access as an app, select "Add to Home Screen" from the browser menu.

Connect your TV or beamer to your laptop using a suitable HDMI cable. Then use the remote control to select the HDMI input.

We also recommend this procedure for Smart TVs with internet connection. We do not recommend the use of Smart TV browsers, as this often leads to playback problems or the failure of subtitles.

Tip: If no image appears yet, adjust the settings of your laptop under Control Panel > Display.

Instructions for Mac Computers

With an Apple TV, you can watch movies conveniently and easily wirelessly on your TV or projector. Start a movie on your Macintosh laptop (Safari Browser) or on your iPhone or iPad (with the Filmingo app). Then click on the AirPlay icon to start the wireless transfer.

Depending on the Apple TV generation, there may be interruptions in the transmission of subtitles. If this happens, we recommend that you temporarily do without transmission via Apple TV and instead connect the playback device directly to the TV/beamer via HDMI cable. We are currently trying to find a solution to this problem.

Learn more about Apple TV

Apple TV setup and support

With a Chromecast Stick you can watch movies wirelessly on your TV or beamer

More information about Chromecast

How to set up a Chromecast

Frequently Asked Questions for filmingo (FAQ)

How it works

How can I rent films?
You have the choice: You can either rent films individually or choose one of three subscriptions.
How long can I watch a film that I rented?
You can watch rented movies for five days (120 hours) as often as you like and continue on any device. This applies to both the subscription and individual rents.
Who is behind filmingo?
The platform is operated by the trigon-film foundation and replaces the former Online Cinema of the film distributor. trigon-film is a Swiss non-profit film foundation that has been distributing carefully selected films from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe since 1986. filmingo was launched in 2019 in order to open the streaming platform for other distributors and their films. The platform offers film highlights mostly from European and World Cinema as well as film classics from all over the world on a subscription basis or individual rental.
In which countries can I use filmingo?
Depending on where you are, the number of films available varies according to the legal situation. Only the movies available at your current location will be displayed. The subscription is currently available in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. In other countries, there are fewer films available so they can be rented only individually. Please make sure to check the information regarding language and subtitle availabilities before renting.
What subtitles are available?
As a Swiss platform we give priority to German and French subtitles, therefore those two languages are available for almost all films. Depending on the legal situation and availabilities, we also offer English or Italian subtitles. The subtitles for each film can be viewed on the respective film page before the film rental.
Can I download a movie and watch it from anywhere?
No. The movies cannot be downloaded, you need a permanent internet connection with sufficient transfer speed.
In which sound format are the films available?
All movies are available in 2.0 stereo.

Test Clip


Which films can I watch with a subscription?
You can view all films available at your location. There are no additional restrictions.
How many movies can I watch with a subscription?
Depending on your subscription you can rent two (Filmfriend subscription), five (Filmfan subscription) or an unlimited number of films (Filmlover subscription) per month at no additional cost. You can watch rented movies for five days (120 hours) as often as you like and continue them on any device.
In which countries is the filmingo subscription available?
The subscription is available in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Depending on the country you are in, the number of films available varies according to the legal situation. Only the movies available at your current location will be displayed.
How can I test the subscription?
Start with the monthly filmfriend subscription. Later on, you can cancel or upgrade your subscription at any time.
What payment methods are available and when can I start using my subscription?
You can pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), with the PostFinance Card, via PostFinance e-finance, Twint or by invoice. You can pay annually or monthly (only with Visa/Mastercard). An annual subscription gives you two months for free. If you wish to pay by invoice, your subscription will usually be activated within five working days after receipt of payment. With all other payment methods you can start using your subscription right away.
When will the monthly film credit be renewed?
The monthly film credit is renewed on the day you purchased the subscription. Example: If you buy your subscription on March 14, your film credit will be renewed on the 14th of each month. In your account you can find an overview of your current film credit, your rented films and the rental data.
Can I transfer unused film credit to the next month?
No. Similar to a mobile phone subscription, the monthly film credit expires when it is not used. But even if you do not use up your full contingent every month, you are still supporting independent filmmaking!
What happens when the film credit is used up?
You can rent films individually or upgrade to a subscription with more film credit in your account.
Can I change my subscription? (Upgrade)

You have the possibility to change your monthly or annual subscription to a subscription with a higher film contingent at any time. With an annual subscription, you will receive a new subscription for one year. The unused months of your old subscription will be credited to your new subscription.


How can I cancel my subscription?
With monthly payment your subscription will be automatically renewed. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your account.With annual payment you have the choice between automatic renewal or expiry of your subscription after one year. We will send you a reminder a month before renewal or expiration. You can stop the automatic renewal at any time.
How can I deposit another credit card as a method of payment?
To use a different credit card, you have to cancel the current subscription and buy a new one with the new card. The existing subscription will be cancelled per the end of the period that has already been paid for and the new subscription will start the day after.
Where and until when can I redeem my gift subscription?
You can redeem your gift voucher here. You will have to create an account first or log in with an existing account. The voucher is valid for two years after purchase. The period of validity is printed on the gift voucher.

Watch movies

The film does not start
If you have playback problems, try using a different browser first. We recommend Google Chrome or Safari. Make sure you're using the latest version of the browser and haven't set up any add-ons that can prevent playback. If you are on a public WLAN (e.g. a school or hospital), streaming may be blocked.
Playback is not smooth
Try closing other programs on your computer and close open browser tabs and windows. If this does not help, select a lower image resolution using the settings button in the player.
The video stops regularly
Video streaming required high transfer rates. If you are connected to the Internet via a wireless network (WLAN or mobile data network), a good reception signal is required. Use the settings button to reduce the video resolution and watch movies over slow connections. Please note that the connection via a mobile WLAN hotspot is usually too slow.
The video quality is poor
Most movies are available in HD (720p) or Full HD resolution (1080p). Depending on the Internet connection, the player selects a lower resolution. Use the settings button in the player to change the resolution manually. There are some older titles of which there exist no flawless digital copies. We still want to make these films available, so we offer them in 480p. You can find the resolution available of each movie on the respective film page before rental.
How do I change the subtitles?
To change the subtitles, click on the "CC" button in the bottom right corner of the player. If you're using the iOS app, you can select the subtitles with the speech bubble at the bottom right. The available subtitles can be seen on the respective film page before the film rental.
Subtitles are not displayed
The subtitles can be selected using the "CC" button in the player. If you use an iPhone or iPad, we recommend using our iOS app. If the subtitles disappear during the movie, please try to reload the page. We also recommend that you restart your browser or computer or use a different browser.
The image on my TV screen or projector is small or cut off
Adjust the image aspect ratio in your TV or projector settings.
I connected my laptop to my TV or projector with a cable and the sound keeps coming from the wrong device
You can select in your laptop's system settings whether the sound is to be played through the internal speakers or the connected device.

For any further questions, please contact us per mail at or per phone at +41 56 430 12 30.

If you have a technical problem, please send us an e-mail with a detailed description of the problem, including any error messages (preferably with a screenshot) as well as information about the devices you would like to watch the film with.

filmingo offers a curated selection of arthouse films for streaming by subscription or individual rental. Run by the Swiss foundation trigon-film.

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